5 Reasons Your Maker Businesses Looks Like a Hobby


Time to stop playing around and take the next step towards becoming a business professional!

Your Logo Looks Amateur

A logo is usually the first thing a customer will see.  It’s the branding foundation for your business and your logo is the first way to show you’re a professional and the products your selling are made of quality.


Reach out to your local graphic designer or use an online service to invest in this important foundation.  Fiverr has thousands of reasonably priced designers at your fingertips. Find someone that shares your design aesthetic and get started. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a great first impression.

You Don’t Have a Website

If you want to be taken seriously, you must have a website.  Everyone uses the internet to gain information about businesses these days. Without an online presence, you’re missing out on potential sales, marketing, networking and legitimacy.

The Handcrafted Cooperative used SquareSpace to build a website and GoDaddy for its domain registrar and web hosting.

You’re Still Using Your High School Email Address

With all of the fraud and scams circulating on the internet these days, people are on high-alert for anything that appears to be spam.  That means, if you’re email address contains a nickname, symbols or numbers, it’s most likely going right into a spam folder. A professional email address format such as firstname@yourdomain.com will help you gain credibility as a business and trust with your readers.  Your email address should be simple and easy to remember.


The Handcrafted Cooperative uses G Suite.

You’re Not Using an Email Signature

Now that you have a professional email address, it’s time to create a signature.  An email signature is another sign of professionalism that can provide valuable information to your readers.  We love this guide from Exclaimer: What Makes a Good Email Signature.  Exclaimer also mentions the benefits of having an email signature:

  • You can use your logo and/or head shot to affirm authority in your space

  • Show off your awards or certifications

  • Make it easy for your readers to connect with your business on social media

  • Incorporate hyperlinks to your event or sale

This e-mail signature was created using Google Docs then copy & paste into G Suite Email Signature. The graphic was created using Canva.

This e-mail signature was created using Google Docs then copy & paste into G Suite Email Signature. The graphic was created using Canva.

If creating an email signature on your own sounds scary, there are companies out there that will generate a free signature for you with your input. Try one of these to start:

https://www.wisestamp.com , https://www.mail-signatures.com/signature-generator/

You’re Still Using a Selfie Head Shot

If you want to be treated like a professional, you need to look like a professional.  See what I did with the professional head shot in my email signature? It helps me stand out and gain instant credibility from the reader.  Share your professional head shot on social media accounts to help build the relationship with your followers too. They want to see the face behind the products.

Photos by Amberlee Christey Photography

Photos by Amberlee Christey Photography


You can invest in a professional photographer (recommended) or have a friend take a picture for you (just sure it’s in natural light with a neutral background).  Or you could do what I did and take advantage of the network your building in your creative community.  The Rising Tide Society (Tuesdays Together) Morgantown, WV chapter has many photographers that often offer free professional head shots to our group.  I was lucky enough to have mine taken by the talented Amberlee of Amberlee Christey Photography.  Didn’t she do an awesome job?!


So, there you go.  If you’re ready to take a leap into turning a hobby into a professional business, I hope you’ll take this feedback and make the changes you need to get to the next level!