Fun Spring Weekend in Morgantown, WV

Morgantown finally caught a break with some nice weather this weekend! It was perfect timing for some local shopping and events. Here’s my spring weekend recap:

I Caught Up With Some Makers at Lock House Studio’s Annual Spring Sale

Lock House Studio owner, Lisa Giuliani, hosted several West Virginian ceramic artists this weekend at her spring sale. Every year she clears out her studio for one weekend and turns it into the most beautiful ceramic boutique. They have everything you could possibly want: platters, bowls, mugs, plates, canisters, vases, ring dishes. You name it, it’s there! I found the most adorable ceramics pins made by Mandy Ranck and a plate and ring dish made by Lisa Giuliani. Other featured artists were: Hona Knudsen, Josh Manning, Aaron Anslow, Ashley Worst and Laura Kingora.

I Found Specialty Medicinal Herbs, Flowers, Edible Perennials and Garden Veggies at Sam’s Plants

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam’s Plants owner, Sam, this weekend at her third plant sale event. Her garden is located in Cheat Lake, tucked away on Snake Hill Rd. The plant variety she offers is niche: hops, Jerusalem artichoke, pawpaw, Brazilian Star Fish peppers, marsh mallow, etc. Sam said the specialty variety is intentional, “I want to offer plants to our community that you won’t find at any big-box store.” Whether you want to grow you own medicinal garden or burn your mouth to a crisp with hot peppers, she’s got you covered!

Sam even made her own greenhouse out of lumber, pipe and plastic film. Her garden has doubled in size since she started her business in 2018. Her goal is to provide plants to people who want to build a garden of flowers, medicinal herbs, edible perennials or garden veggies. I walked away with: brussels sprouts, strawberry, raspberry, zinnias, marshamallow, calendula, broccoli, eucalyptus, iris and probably others I’m forgetting. It was a very successful trip!


I Went Antiquing at Eloquence Antiques and Artisans on The Mileground

Eloquence Antiques and Artisans is Morgantown’s best antique market! I enjoy shopping in here from time-to-time to find something with character for my home. The owner, April, does an excellent job of curating sellers that provide a wide range of goods from furniture, art, lighting, glassware and dinnerware, etc.